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China Wujiang - Qipao Town International Architecture Design Competition


竞赛主题:弘扬传统文化 传承工匠精神


报名时间:2016年8月3日至9月3日 17:00

作品提交截止时间: 2016年10月8日17:00

Competition Theme: Traditional Culture+ Craftsman's Spirit

Contents: Architectural conceptual designfor five core galleries in Qipao Town

Registration Period: August 3, 2016 -September 3, 2016 (by 17:00)

Submission Deadline: October 8, 2016,17:00

一、  竞赛背景  Background


Wujiang, as part of Suzhou in JiangsuProvince, is a world-renowned "Silk Capital" of China, possessingimmeasurable cultural power. The Central Government's promulgation of "OneBelt One Road" strategy has offered new opportunities for Wujiang. Addedto that the development and construction of the city's Taihu New City and theconditions are ripe for it to leverage on its cultural heritage such as toenhance its core competitiveness, in keeping with international trends. As suchit is necessary to fully expound on Wujiang's rich silk culture in order toachieve perfect integration of the latter with the New City which symbolizesmodern civilization. As an important cultural highlight as well as projectlandmark in Wujiang's Taihu New City, Qipao Town looks set to herald a newchapter in the venerable city's modern development.


Qipao Town is situated in Wujiang's OldTown Section next to the Chuihongqiao relic site. It covers an area of 32hectares (or about 480 'mu') with 100 'mu' reserved for development at aplanned investment cost of RMB 6 billion. It embraces 'Qipao culture' andadopts as its core development concept, the tenet of "Traditional Culture+ Craftsman's Spirit" in an effort to achieve integrated development ofthe town's culture, tourism and industry.


The developer of Qipao Town has set out tocreate a town that encompasses tourism, culture and industry. Its intent togive an inimitable cultural and tourism experience in the Southern watersidetown while promoting the 'Qipao' - a traditional Chinese apparel - as part ofcontemporary fashion. The 'Qipao' theme will also cover Chinese traditionalapparel, silk culture, Chinese studies and Buddhism culture, thus giving thetown its impeccable cultural heritage. High-end bespoke tailoring, creativedesign, master's workshop, product launch and world-class forums revolvingaround the theme of 'Qipao' are sure to give the town its unique flavor.


Planning and construction of Qipao Towncalls for the construction of five 'core galleries' (Qipao Museum, QipaoResearch Institute, Qipao-themed Hotel, Qipao Women's College and QipaoOutdoor-Show Venue). In view of this, an "International ArchitecturalDesign Competition" will be held. The objectives are to inspire public initiative and participation inurban construction, to utilize outstanding architectural design contest entriesfor vitalizing urban public spaces, and to guide urban developments withquality cultural products and innovative designs through "crowd sourcingand innovation" and "cultural creativity", so as to establishunique cultural features for Wujiang's Qipao Town, thereby expanding Wujiang'scultural influence.

二、  竞赛主题  Competition Theme




Theme:Traditional Culture + Craftsman's Spirit

The spirit of workmanship permeates inevery industry that invokes an ancient lineage, reflecting a relentless pursuitfor excellence both in the workman's work and attitude towards life. Thisspirit inevitably brings forth rich and dazzling cultural images which areultimately the essence of China's traditional culture.

Today we ought to contemplate the mannerand means through which to integrate the essence of traditional culture withcontemporary scenarios such as to spur the formation of new design ideas andconsciousness. Put another way, we hope to discover fresh creativity in ourcultural heritage. 

三、  竞赛宗旨  Competition Tenets

1. 关注文化,鼓励创新。竞赛强调对吴江及旗袍文化内涵与人文精神的挖掘,以文化的广度与深度鼓励创新思维,以开放、灵活的机制激发设计师进行原创性创作,强调在阐释传统文化基础上发现、构想和创造未来的前瞻性;

1. Emphasis on culture, inspiringinnovations. The competition places great emphasis on the revelation ofcultural connotations and humanistic spirit of Wujiang and 'Qipao'; itencourages creative thinking through surveying the breadth and depth ofculture. Its aim is to inspire young designers to conduct original creativework through open and flexible mechanisms that focus on the discovery,conceptualization and creation of future prospects.

2. 开放包容,协同参与。竞赛充分发挥资源整合、协同参与的优势,致力创建包容性、分享性的交流平台,在促进建筑设计人才交流的同时,推动建筑创作水平的不断提升;

2. Openness, inclusiveness, andcollaborative participation. The competition operates by integrating availableresources and advantages in collaborative participation in its endeavor toestablish an inclusive, shared platform of communication. The continuouselevation of architectural creative standards goes hand in hand with thepromotion of exchanges between young architectural design talents.

3. 公平公正,国际惯例。竞赛坚持公平、公正、公开原则,充分尊重国际惯例,执行严格与规范的程序,以保证竞赛的权威性。

3. Fairness, justness, and internationalconventions. The competition shall adhere to the principles of fairness,justness, and transparency, with full compliance with internationalconventions, and implementation of strict and standardized procedures to ensurethe integrity of competition proceedings.

四、  组织机构  Organizational Framework





Main Sponsor: People's Government of SuzhouWujiang District

Co-Sponsors: Wujiang Taihu New City UrbanAdministration Committee、 Wujiang East Taihu Ecological Tourism &Resort Zone Administration Committee

Organizers: BuiltopGroup Co., Ltd.  、 Time + Architecture Journal

Partner: Xinhua News Agency Jiangsu NewsCenter

五、  参赛方式  Mode of Participation

1. 参赛形式 


1. Form of Participation

Outstanding architectural firms and architects from around the world are invited to participate in the competition. Registration shall be conducted online, with no restrictions on the number of participants. 

2. 参赛资格



2. Participation Qualifications

1) There is no restriction on participants' age.

2) Competition participants must be professionals or students in architecture or other related fields.

3. 竞赛流程




3.  Process

1) Registration

Registration shall be carried out in compliance with "Guidelines on Registration" (Appendix 2).

Deadline: Saturday, September 03, 2016, 17:00. Late registrations will not be accepted.




2) Qualification Confirmation

Log onto the Competition website or scan Competition barcode and click registration link.

The Competition Organizing Committee will confirm registration qualifications within 7 working days of registration by sending confirmation mail and registration number to the participant's mailbox.


  • 截止时间:2016年10月8日17:00,逾期提交无效。

  • 成果要求 :成果重在表达设计概念,应包含设计说明、总平面图、各层平面图、主要立面图、主要剖面图、相关分析图及其它有助于表达设计意图的图纸;如需工作模型说明设计意图,可以模型照片方式在图纸上加以表达;所有文件可采用中文或中英文对照,如采用中英文对照以中文为准。所有计量单位均应采用国际通用的公制单位。

3)  Design Deliverable Submission

  • Deadline:Saturday, October 08, 2016, 17:00. Late submissions will not be accepted.

  • Requirements for Deliverables: Emphasis for the deliverables shall be on the expression of design concepts. As such they should contain design explanations, overall layout plan, layout plans for each level, main elevation drawing, main cross-section drawings, relevant analytical drawings and other drawings that are helpful in expressing design concepts. If there is a need to explain design conceptual drawings with working models, the latter may be included in the drawings by way of photograph.  all documents can be in Chinese or Chinese/English. In the latter case, Chinese explanations shall take precedence. All measurement units shall comply with internationally accepted metric denominations.

  • 提交要求:

  • Submission Request:

1. 纸质文件


1. Paper-based Documents

1) Duly-signed "Ownership and Copyright Statement", please see Appendix 3 for details.


2) A3 paper with horizontal color printing to be compiled into 10 books. Personal information such as names cannot be seen in any documents. All documents must carry only the participant's number.

2. 电子文件




2. Digital Files

Participants shall submit 2 CDs with their numbers indicated on the cover of the CDs. The main contents and format of the CDs shall be as follows:

1) Digital files for deliverables, including all texts, explanations, tables, drawings and other information. All documents shall be in PDF or JPG format, with a resolution of not lower than 300dpi for those in JPG format.

2) Deliverable illustration introducing the designs main concepts. It should contain 3 A1 (841mm*594mm) illustrations in horizontal layout. If there are more than 3 illustrations only the first 3 shall be considered. They should be in JPG format with a resolution of not lower than 300dpi.

3. 竞赛成果需同时提交纸质文件及电子文件,纸质文件内容2)应与电子文件内容2)相同。

3.If there is a need to simultaneously submit paper and digital files, the contents 2)for paper files shall be identical with 2)for digital files.

4. 邮寄信息



收件人:蒋奕    电话:0512-63955076

4. Mailing Information

Mailing address: No. 68, Tonghong Road, Wujiang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Recipient: Organizing Committee for China Wujiang - Qipao Town International Architecture Design Competition

Attention to: Jiang Yi    Telephone:  0512-63955076




4) Project Review

Review date: October 29, 2016

(Note: The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the review date; it will announce any changes 7 days in advance on the Competition website and WeChat account.) 

六、  奖项设置  Awards Presented




三等奖(3名): 奖金5万元人民币+获奖证书

佳作奖(4名): 奖金1万元人民币+获奖证书


The following awards will be given out:

First Prize (1 recipient): Award of RMB$200,000 + award certificate;

2nd Prize (two recipients): Award of RMB$100,000 + award certificate;

3nd Prize (three recipients): Award of RMB$50,000 + award certificate;

Merit Prize (four recipients): Award of RMB$10,000 + award certificate.

 (Note: All prizes shall be given out; prize awards are inclusive of tax.)

七、  评审  Review

1. 评审方式 





1. Review Method

The panel of expert judges will review submitted entries in two stages.

Stage 1: Preliminary Selection In the first stage, the panel of expert judges selected by the Organizing Committee shall conduct preliminary selection and confirm the lists of finalists. There shall be 30 finalists.

Stage 2: Final Review The panel of expert judges will vote on the 30 finalists to select 10 winning entries.

The review results of each category provided by the panel of expert judges shall be final.

2. 评审专家组


2. Panel of Expert Judges

The panel of expert judges shall consist of 9 persons of whom, 7 shall be architectural and planning experts, 1 shall be cultural expert and the remaining 1 shall be expert in other creative fields.

八、  资料下载  Information Download




Appendix 1: Design Assignment;

Appendix 2: Guidelines on Registration

Appendix 3: Ownership and Copyright Statement

九、  联系方式  Contact Information

答疑邮箱: ta_competition@163.com

竞赛官网: http://www.townqipao.com、 http://timearchi.com

Inquiry Mailbox:  ta_competition@163.com

Competition Website:  http://www.townqipao.com、 http://timearchi.com


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